Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Ways to Avoid the Care and Feeding of Disease

It does not matter what we do to or for our bodies: if we are not excited about living and we do not appreciate life, we will continue to depreciate. Every cell in our body is a friend, and if we are not friendly to our friends, they cannot thrive.

Here are some ways we may be depressing our immune system and the cells in our bodies:

  • Judge and talk about what others say, think, and do. It's okay sometimes, but if our lives point this way frequently, our bodies respond in very, very, very negative ways. We kill ourselves slowly, disease after disease, with our chronic, negative opinions of others.
  • Live in fear over what we eat. Yes, foods are adulterated, but we have to settle on a diet we can live with, and give up food fear. What we think about food when we eat it is probably more important than what we eat.
  • Live in reactivity. When we live in reactivity, we can be sure we have not made peace with the past. We are living with passed on emotions, and it will take some work to let them go. A great place to start working through the past is with the book Facing Codependency, by Pia Mellody, or check out this video by Pia.
  • Carrying a long-term grudge. This eats away at us because our upset with someone else, upsets us. Check out the free e-book, Radical Forgiveness, by Colin Tipping, if you can't let go of an old grievance.
  • Carry shame. We must be proud to be alive, not ashamed to be alive. Check out BrenĂ© Brown's TED talk on shame and vulnerability and begin to claim your innocence.
We blame illness on germs, but why do some people thrive, even when exposed to all kinds of contagious illnesses? We know; when our immune systems are suppressed, we get sick. Look at the five biggies above and see what steps might be necessary to support happy cells. Our bodies hold within them a pharmacy, but if our minds are not in the right place, our cells will never go through that bio-pharmacological door. Join in a cellular rejuvenating revolution by healing your mind and emotions because you do, life will become healthier and healthier.

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