Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Good Friday, Happy Passover, Happy The Memorial and Happy Full Moon

Happy Good Friday, Happy Passover, Happy The Memorial and Happy Full Moon. This covers Christians, Jews, Jehovah Witnesses and Pagans. I like to make every day a holiday and fortunately today I didn’t have to make one up. 

We can celebrate the life of a man who taught love as the major determining fact to living. We can celebrate the grace we live under that keeps us safe from harm. We can celebrate the death of Christ – it’s the only holiday for JW’s. We can celebrate the cycles of the moon and the rhythms of nature.

Whatever category you fall under, or don’t fall under, I suggest you be true to your own life’s tradition. How do you want to celebrate? What has meaning to you? Maybe some have put meaning into these events that have no value for you. To take on the meaning others give holidays as your personal meaning isn’t authentic. Find your belief, find out who you are and go with that. It may be you go with what others told you, but until you’ve had the direct experience of these things – they are just borrowed concepts.  It’s even okay to give these holidays up. Second hand religion has little value and for me first hand religion misses the mark as well. Most religions tend to separate rather than divide, but of course religion can’t do that – only people can do that. The purpose of religion is to bind us together with our source, but too often religion is used as anther ideological position and the justification for hate and angry righteousness.  We are bigger than that. The love that binds us together is larger than the fear that keeps us apart. I think that’s a great thing to see today. Here’s a thought for today. “The love that binds us together is more than sufficient to activate compassion, community and generosity with me and those I encounter. AMEN”

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