Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy You Are Perfect Day

Happy “I AM Perfect Day.”  Many of you know my story but if you don’t know – Feb 14 is our wedding anniversary and Valentine’s Day. My husband and I were so excited about our holiday that I thought it might be fun to make everyday a holiday. So today is “I Am Perfect Day.”

This is not to say you are a perfectionist. Perfectionism is difficult to pull off and causes a lot on psychological suffering. “I Am Perfect Day” celebrates that who we are is perfect. Our behavior may not be perfect but our being is perfect. Self-help methods tend to take the stance that we are broken and that until we are fixed, we are not okay. Enlightenment is the realization that we are okay the way we are and even our mistakes rest in a larger realm of perfection that we are unable to see with our limited awareness.

One of the biggest obstacles to recognizing our perfection is guilt. Guilt is the mafia of the mind and it is a learned behavior. Guilt came from our master teachers, aka as parents, and it’s been running in our emotional bodies for ions. It’s time to say goodbye to guilt. It’s time to break the chains that bind us to multigenerational  guilt patterns. The guilt of just existing filters into our thinking, creates defensive living and wreaks havoc  in our relationships.

Here’s your mantra for today. “I have the right exist. I am innocent and perfect just as I AM.”

Check out Bejamin Smythe who stands on the street with his signs of encouragement to others.

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