Tuesday, January 19, 2010

EZosophy Philosophy - The Power of Ease

Check out the power of ease. Click link for an empowering message about living an easier life. http://empoweringmessages.com/visitors/AnneGillis.shtml

Think and Grow Up

What we think about, we bring about. We use our thoughts to create separation or closeness with others.

I spoke with friend this morning. She was returning from a doctors visit. It was clear that his opinion on one issue was different from hers. She purred when she shared the good news. "I was aware when I was with him (as in present and thinking) and I didn't react. When I left, I told him he was a kind and compassionate man. It was true"

What a great feeling. What freedom. It is easy to be loving when we are with people who think and feel as we do. The real test of character comes when we encounter those with opposing ideas and beliefs.

What will I do when I think of you? Will I use your beliefs to build an inner conversation that keeps me walled in behind my judgments? Or will I look at you, you as you - not what you do, nor how you think, but just you as you.

A few days ago I went to two stores. I spoke with three employees in one store and one in the other. When I left, I felt light and happy. I felt connected to those people. Why do I feel as if I'd been touched by an angel? - then I knew. While with each person, the inner conversation was silent, you know the one that thinks about how they look or how they smell or how they are dressed. The one that looks up at them or down at them. The voice that pigeonholes them and puts them in that, "I've got your number space." That voice was silent. No opinion. No category - just presence. After each encounter I felt like I was in love.

It's time to think and grow up. Growing up means looking for love in all the right places, looking into the heart and keeping the chattering mind harnessed. Growing up means giving up the idea that life is a problem. Growing up means we can be contented even when things don't go our way. Growing up means not having to be the center of attention. Growing up means learning the balance between giving and receiving. Growing up is not about being serious or adult like. Growing up means laughing and crying at the joys and sorrows of life.  Some people are grown up at 20 while others are brats at 70.  Regardless of our age, now is the time to think and grow up.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Word Drip

I like to be silly and write willy nilly. I like how words sound, they’re so profound. I like how words flow, they come and they go. Yes, it’s time to write. Don’t be contrite. Words are little pieces of hope, of cynicism, criticism and praise. They are magic. They weave spells, create hell and amaze. Words are helpful when not profane and precious when not insane. Really, how silly can you be with this? There’s not enough silliness. Words are too serious. Drop it. Lighten up.

Words, hopping too fast, spell chaos. Words slowly dripping into awareness, feel soft and light. The breath eases when sweet words cross my mind. A peaceful word crossed my mind. Finally. Where have you been? Who could have known that words could be so kind?

Words are symbols of what almost is. They point to an experience, to life; they are but substitutes, not life. Words hold reality away as they swing and they sway. Words drag worn out thoughts and forget the truth. We get caught in wordmires, in the word show and “It’s a really big show.” Words steal our minds. Word robbery. Words capture mind when they play and we think that we are the thoughts, emotions and beliefs they convey. We forget who we are. Socrates pines, there’s no divine. My way robbery. My way is obscured by these wandering, pesky, darting words that nail me thought by thought to a mental coffin.

I built a word door and used words to open mind, to know and flow into a deeper place, a grace place, where velvet words flow into the void. It’s not an empty space, but a place where life brews itself expanding back into words. Words stretch and then contract, taking us out and in. Blessed words that you might be, an opening unto me, so I can stop and look and see, all there is and how to be.

Monday, January 4, 2010