Friday, June 11, 2010

I Googled myself today and came across an interview made in 2003. The interviewer is Ken Keis. It's an hour - just to warn you, but if you want to make your life easier, it is worth the time.

The art and wisdom of easy living – Ken Keis / Anne Sermons Gillis

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Truth Contest - Check it Out

I received an e-mail from a group of college students who have a web site devoted to Truth.  They wanted to link my web site to their site. Of course this roused my curiosity. Examination revealed a cool site. As you read their words below maybe your heart will rise in love. They are our greatest hope - an amazing synthesis of possibility and vision. In the midst of the greatest darkness let us see the shining light of this new generation. They see the truth so many us us have carried in our hearts forever. 

The students who developed the site say:
"As young people, we are disappointed with how adults have run this world in the past and are running it now. They are stealing our future with their irrational and irresponsible behavior. It has to stop now.

Everyone should be interested in spreading a universal truth, a truth that can be checked, that can unite all mankind. We cannot survive the divisions that separate us. They result in wars and destruction of the environment. We need to find our common ground.

With honesty, open minds, an open exchange of ideas, good will and the power of the Internet, we will find and spread the truth about life and death.

Check out the entries at the truth contest and send your comments to the site, or leave a comment on this blog."
The site is a terrific resource for truth seekers. The Truth Contest - The Truth Contest is really not a competition with a winner. It is just the best way to find, define and spread the truth. The only mission is to find, define and spread the truth, and the main page and comments page show what has been found so far The Truth Contest.

PS  It's the third year my orchid's bloomed. It looks like a check mark.