Saturday, February 26, 2011

Never Clever

Just a few words today. Doing a regular blog has become an irregular event. With all immodesty I can say that the lack of motivation to write new material has its cheerful place in my life these days. I have been putting old handwritten notes and writings on my computer. Some of the stuff of the past is pretty catchy. I always have a problem with most of the stuff because, as beautiful and clever as much of it is, the thoughts are based on the belief that there is something to improve or fix. I just don’t believe that. Yet I am amazed at how readily that kind of self-help material just almost writes itself. So rather than resist, I just write it.

This morning I was reading a prayer written by Ramana to Ganesha. I was thinking “What in the heck was Ramana doing, writing that prayer?” I was looking at Ramana’s picture, which was in the article, and I could swear he winked at me and said, “I’m just like you. I write what flows. Some people love that and so why not write it?” It was clear to me that he knew the prayer was unnecessary, no need to pray when life and all its events are the highest prayer of all. Amen.

I've been working on some new CD's for sale. The first one turned out okay but the second one was defective - meaning I sounded like a sing song school teacher who could not read well. I will redo it. When I say life is perfect, with no fixing necessary, I don't mean all events and endeavors turn out perfectly, I mean that peace is always present regardless of the unfolding drama before us.