Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Adopt a Country: A Metaphysical Program of Healing and Support

Several years ago I decided to adopt a country. Just as people adopt children, we can adopt a country. Well maybe not “just like.” This is, of course, metaphorical. The point is to use our minds to champion other countries. Have you wanted to make a difference? Here’s a great opportunity to do spiritual service work.

No country is a standalone proposition. The entire world is sewn together in our hearts, though our finances, through trade, travel and family. So here’s your part if you choose to become a part of this mission possible. You can adopt a country and hold them actively in your heart for a period of time or maybe you want to take this on for the rest of your life. Choose a country. Study your country; see the faces of the people, learn the greatness in the country and of their problems and challenges. Find out the relationship your native country has with your adopted country as well as the history with the country. Lookup their flag and listen to the music of the country. Eat a meal from your country. What are their customs? What languages or languages are spoken? Pray in your own way for the country or use one of the two affirmative prayers below.

Affirmative Prayer for The Well-Being of the Country

I acknowledge the creative potential within me as a potent force of peace, prosperity, and sustainability in (Name of Country). I call forth the essence of the people of (Name of Country) and surround them with the light of well-being. I call forth the infinite within the citizens of (Name of Country) to create vision, joy and passionate aliveness with themselves, their neighbors and good relations with all global citizens. I bless the people and their thoughts. I bless the land, the waters, the animals, the plants, and the air of (Name of Country). (Name of Country) is a country built on wisdom, compassion, vision and love. You and your people will grow and prosper in all of your affairs. The political systems of (Name of Country) are economically healthy, sustainable and serve the people for their highest good. (Name of Country) is an integral and well-respected member of the global community. Unexpected good comes to you day by day, unobstructed by events and circumstances of the past. The people of (Name of Country) know who they are as infinite wise creators of a powerful nation under good. It is with deep pleasure that I present (Name of Country) to the world as a safe, healthy nation. So Be It. ©2005 Anne Sermons Gillis

Affirmative Prayer For Prosperity

I (and the name of the country you choose) give up all worry or struggle about money. I release all destructive negative family and cultural patterns of lack, struggle and stress around money and abundance. I turn my mind away from doom and gloom reports concerning money, the economy and finances. I refer to my personal self-images of wealth and well-being. I will not let the Dow get me down. Stocks, bonds, currency, inflation and/or devaluation of the dollar, none of these can touch the true source of abundance that flows through the universe and through me. Market predictions, economic upturns and downturns are the effect of consciousness and I refuse to participate in the wild effects of human mind because the God-mind its abundant nature is constant and unchanging. I will not worship the false God of lack. I am not concerned in accumulating mass wealth as a means to make myself important and to gain approval. I will not participate in the addictive spending to numb out uncomfortable feelings. I will conserve not disturb my planet. I can have a consciousness of abundance that includes me as a part of the universe rather than one that sees the universe as mass resources ready to serve me.

Affirmation for the country you choose to pray for

You are a great nation, one under God with my nation __________________. I see (name of the country you are praying for as a prospering county – abundant in love, resources, good relationships and in good relationship with the earth. So Be it.