Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Green Drink

I usually wake up hungry. I don't like to exercise on a full stomach so I drink this green drink. It takes away the hunger and provides great nutrition - at least in my mind.

1/3 cup organic unsweetened  cranberry juice
Heaping teaspoon of spirulina
3 tablespoons of hemp hearts
1 tablespoon blackstrap molasses
2 tablespoon of freshly ground flax seed (use a coffee grinder)
2/3 cups of pure water

Mix it up and drink. You may have to acquire a taste for this but it is brimming with vitamins, minerals and high quality protein.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy Piddle Day

I love to have a piddle day. It’s a day I can go with the flow of my wanting to ramble with my doing. We often piddle during the day and them realize we have done none of the important things on our “to do lists.” Then we feel guilty and think, “I didn’t get anything done today.” I think it is important to have days when we just piddle. Often we do little cleanup tasks when we piddle that organize our lives Piddling soothes nerves. Piddling is a part of nesting. Piddling makes our lives easier. Everything in our lives needs a wild uncharted space. Giving ourselves piddling time provides that space. Happy Piddle Day.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy Drama Rama Day

We all go to great lengths to create and participate in drama. ”That’s crazy”, you may think. Did I mention we are all somewhat insane? Don’t fight it, just know that when we make crazy choices, that supersede our best interests, we are a little nuts. We do have the ability to go sane. Asking pertinent questions, which bring us into the present, makes a great contribution to our peace of mind and well-being. The questions serve as a call to consciousness. It’s called inquiry.

Ask these questions throughout the day and see the effects of a calmer perception creep in. “What is the focal point for my drama right now and do I want or need the drama?” That question doesn’t require an answer, it’s about stopping the mind it its tracks. Remember the situation can be difficult, but it is that way because our thoughts, our feelings and our need to dramatize, rather than because of reality. Events are neutral. Thoughts are either helpful or destructive. 

Next ask, “If this were easier, how would I be doing this or seeing this?” We identify with our drama. We want recognition for our pain or dilemma. Just for today consider getting out of the drama rama and making your life easier. Ease is honorable. Suffering is out!

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