Thursday, July 19, 2012

Food for Thought

What is your relationship with food? Do you break up and binge, then make up and vow to eat healthier?

It's tough when someone tells us our life styles are self-destructive. Yet deep inside we know when we at war with ourselves. We participate in food wars (aka known as eating junk), wars with friends and others and wars that attack our self-worth. Still, when it comes to eating, unless we are drunk, drugged or out of touch with reality, we have inklings of what kind of foods are good to us and for us. Our food problems tend to be more about staying on track than about amassing more information.

Given the mounting evidence of how physically liberating it can be to eat fresh unprocessed foods (see you  knew that didn't you) wouldn't it be great if there was a thought that would help you stay on track with your eating? Happy days. There is a thought. This amazing thought can help you stay slim, eat well, and help you maintain your perfect relationship with food. Okay, maybe that is a little over the top, but - it really is a fabulous thought. Drum roll - "My health is more important than my appetite." Isn't that a powerful thought to have when ordering food, milling around at a party or grocery shopping? This is a reminder to us that we value our health.

If you had to rate your relationship with food, would you get a good rating? There used to be a restaurant report on TV and the host would give "The Slime Report." The term referred to slime in the ice box. Some food inspector would come unannounced to check out the cleanliness of the restaurant. The reporter took the filthiest restaurants and gave their health scores. It was gruesome. You are your health inspector. Don't let you relationship with food be a slime report; make it a health fair. Keep this thought in a special place where it is easily accessible, "My health is more important than my appetite." I'm counting of you, to eat good food - you know you want to and I hope this thought can reinforce your choice for healthier living. Yum, yum. Eat well and prosper and may the fork be with you.