Friday, September 10, 2021

You Got to Be Kidding! Cold Water is Not That Hot (For Our Health)












Mom always drank room temperature water. Even though I shy away from her practices, which may not always be a great idea, somewhere along the way, I adopted her habit. When I was cold, it made no sense to drink iced water. Room temperature water seemed less invasive than frigid water. My hands stayed warmer in cold weather. For me, room temperature water made sense.

 Over the years I heard comments about digestion and not drinking water at a meal but heard no real health benefits of drinking room temperature water. I decided it was time to see what the Internet, an impeccable source of indisputable information, could lend to the conversation. The dubious results:

·       Cold water is not good for hydration. It causes the vessels around the stomach to constrict and slows down absorption; therefore, you must drink more cold water to hydrate.

·      Cold water slows down your metabolism. OMG. Women hate that. As we age, we live for things that reeve up our metabolism. Hot tea any one?

·       Reportedly cold water constricts your vocal cords, which is why singers drink room temperature water before or during a performance. Darn, I have no excuse.

·       Cold water increases your appetite. No, it can't be. Women live for foods that decrease their appetites. Even the skinniest woman would never eat something if it were labeled "Increases your appetite." This makes a powerful case for room temperature water.

Once I was on a small island in the Indian Ocean. I had traveled by car, bus, cab, motorcycle, jitney, and boat to get there. Fortunately, a senator recommended a guide to take me, who fell in love with me. He worked for the mafia, but that's off the point. Just so you won’t think I’m totally daffy, maybe I'd better say that when I found out the he was mafia, I was already at our destination. It was too late to turn back. Really, he had good credentials, but it was only when I was in the middle of nowhere did he tell me about being a hit man - that was after I taught him meditation, which he said changed his life. He sat across from me as I ordered guyabano juice. I was in a tropical paradise and expected a fresh, yummy treat, not canned juice. I asked for some ice, the hit man looked horrified, but the server assured me it was no problem. 30 minutes later three small ice cubes arrive. The hit man interrupted me before I could ask for more. I am completely puzzled. I asked the server why it took so long, and he told me there was only one place on the island that had ice, and that was in a private home. He had run 15 minutes to get my ice and then 15 for the return. This experience gave me a new perspective on drinking iced beverages. Germans drink room temperature beer. Maybe they are on to something.

I have been talking about room temperature water, but maybe anything cold is not that good for us. My friend, Judy, claimed her nose started running when she ate or drank anything cold. Ingesting anything iced exacerbates sore throats, sinus problems, and other flu symptoms. I know I’ve gone too far. I expect the Ben and Jerry police to be here any moment.

Did you know that people who spend long hours in air-conditioning gain weight faster than those who don't. Maybe our bodies don't like artificial temperature, be it in air, water, or food.

Do you see the point? My mama started me on this quest that keeps me warmer, well- hydrated, gives me a faster metabolism, and a better voice. When I can’t get ice, I don’t have to grouse; even my sinuses and throat love my mama for what she taught me. And what’s good for mama, is, most likely, good for you, too.