Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The Interconnectedness of Everything

Each week I write a Healthy Living column. I talk about food, toxic substances, mind and the place it holds in healing, or provide healthy recipes. All these things contribute to healthy living. Everything is connected. Our health is not measured just by whether our bodies work or not. Optimum health includes how we deal with others, how we take care of our bodies, our cars, our home, and our finances. Everything we think, say, and do is vibrational. Everything is connected. How do we take care of the earth? Do we contribute to the suffering of others? Do we treat ourselves and others with kindness? No act stands alone.

Everything is sacred, and when we only consider the effect everything has on us, rather than the effect we have on everything, we get sick. We get heart sick. We feel like something's missing, and what's missing is this connection to everything. All is sacred. There is nothing that can stand outside the interrelatedness of everything.

I saw a video that said that crows can remember someone who was mean to them, and when they migrate, they fly out of their way to avoid the place where this human was. The act of buying things we don't need, the act of letting good food go to waste, the act of poisoning insects and other species - all these are acts of blasphemy. And the blasphemy is against ourselves, because we are a part of everything, and when one thing or any system suffers, we suffer. We share the joy and suffering of everything, including microscopic life forms.

Some people want to build a wall on the Mexican border. Those that do, do not understand the wildlife that will be threatened because of this act. If the wall is built, it could mean extinction of the big cats and trouble for thousands of other animals. It will cut their food supply, their ability to migrate, and threaten their habitats. The fact that we can even think about building a wall shows how disconnected and wounded we are.

All disconnection comes from unhealed emotional wounds. Every politician should have to go through intense therapy and take a "Raising Your Self-Esteem" course before s/he takes office. We will continue to annihilate ourselves and our earth family until we dive into the world of self-healing.

While this is more of an Op Ed piece than healthy living; it is relevant. Sunday, April 22nd, was Earth Day. We need a People Day, an Animal Day, a Fish Day, a Fungi Day – we need a Recognition of the Importance and Interconnectedness of All Life Day. We need a Self-Forgiveness Day. We need a Day of Innocence. We Need a Cease Fire Day, where every country in the world sets down their arms for one day. We need a Kindness Day.

Many people feel they have nothing to contribute to the world, but if you look at all the possibilities spawned from the problems above, you might find something that is yours to do. Good God, hold a Flower Day in your neighborhood to show off flowers. Unless we connect, we are going to continue down the path of separation. Get in there and connect. Your health depends on it. And when you do, you will find that everything can be EZier and EZier. #earthday #weareone