Monday, January 12, 2015

Bring My Blog Back - The EZ Secret is Back

This blog is back. Why? Because my main blog was hacked and I can't seem to get it fixed. So here's where the new stuff will go.
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Recently, I came across this silly poem I wrote more than 15 years ago. Silliness, when properly placed, assuages fear and terminal seriousness.

Martyr, Martyr, let it go.
Do not suffer, be in flow.
Take your pain and add some ease.
Let your thoughts be peaceful please.

Do not struggle, do not stress.
Give your stuff a needed rest.
Life is easy when you’re not
Making life a Hardaholic plot.

EZosophy is the way
To send hardships to their grave.
Make life easy, make it light.
Forget the need to be uptight.

Life is good; just let it be.
Give up the drama and you will see
Freedom, lightness, love, and peace.
Easy thoughts bring quick release.

I am willing to risk being corny; it keeps my intellectual side humble. I hope this brings at least a smile and points to the thought that we can make life EZsier and EZsier.