Monday, March 31, 2014

Prayer for Depression

God, again this oppressive blanket of hopelessness covers my heart. Sadness shields my vision. I view the world through the lens of desperation. I feel bound to the never-ending power of pain. I seem to be chained to endless depression. Armed with this all too familiar suffering, I come to you. Lift me up into a new experience. Replace my vision with your reality. Restore my faith in myself and in the perfection and order of life. Replace my mental stagnation with a sacred sense of dynamism. Shower me with a sense of nonjudgmental self-acceptance.

Let my mind give no thought to the world of illusion so that it can be returned to its resplendent place at the right hand of love.

Return my mind to sanity, my heart to love and my vision to inspiration. I give up my need to cover-up and deny this reality. I face this depression and surrender it into your light. I know that your will for me is grounded in perfect joy. In you and with you, I rise into a new reality with a powerful sense of freedom. My vision is sourced in a vast wisdom and doors that have been closed swing open to the floodgates of my soul. This moment offers a new sense of release that is returning me to your loving presence. No longer does the dream of separation tear my inner world into shreds. The restoration of my good is becoming the overriding perception of my inner world. I am released from my powerlessness into an ever-widening awareness of your power living in me. The rumblings of my spirit have become the music of my soul. My life is singing love songs. I am blessed with your presence, nurtured in your vision and nourished in your light. The pain that has bound me no longer rules my life. As I emerge into this new state of vibrant aliveness, I give thanks that your love has once more saved me from the bondage of my past beliefs. I walk freely now, empowered by your love and guided by your wisdom. Amen

©1989 Excerpted from Offbeat Prayers for the Modern Mystic

Anne Sermons Gillis MS, is a life coach, breath worker, and speaker. You can order her books, Offbeat Prayers of the Modern Mystic, EZosophy: The Art and Wisdom of Easier Living, and Standing in the Dark online at  order or call 281-419-1775