Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bike Ride

This morning I rode my bicycle. When I looked at the drop off on the path's edge, I was afraid, but when I kept my eye on the center of the path, where I wanted my bike to go, I felt confident. When you look for danger, the world is a dangerous place.

BTW I'm going for the smart, sassy, old geezer look here. How am I doing? This is my new Giant bicycle. It's the Suede model. It came with a faux leather cell phone holder. I have a three wheeler but it takes too  much energy to ride in the southern heat. My new model has the high handle bars. I can ride with my back straight. I had a two wheeler, but all two wheelers are not created equally. I was tired of my hands going to sleep when I rode my old two wheeler and having a hunched back. The ride on this thing is amazing. My husband and I ride bikes everywhere we can. This way we get exercise and reduce our carbon footprint. We can get to the bank, grocery store, numerous restaurants, concerts in town and the grocery store by bike.

Since my husband and amazing partner Jim retired we have the time to bike, swim and live a slower-paced life. Life is good.