Thursday, July 7, 2016

This life is not a Story of Me; it is a Story of We.

The oppressive heat of the Texas summer makes me infinitely appreciative of air conditioning. When I was young, we slept in front of a fan and kept a wet wash cloth beside the bed to moisten the skin. When the wind blew over our wet skin, we were cool. I was so happy that we had fans. While technology provides endless complications, it brings with it endless advantages. Yes, it's hot, and it's wonderful that many of us can say, "It's hot; so what!" 

Here's a prayer for those who face oppressive heat in the summer. "May you have relief from your suffering. May the coolness of spirit bring comfort to your days and nights, and may you have all the clean water your body needs today." Take a moment to be thankful for what you have, and then send a blessing for those who are in need. While it is important to heal ourselves, it is equally important to remember the plight of others and to also lend our thoughts and prayers to their well-being. This life is not a Story of Me; it is a Story of We.