Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Mind

"Your mind is constantly driving you crazy over nothing. You can watch the mind be neurotic and not get involved."
— Michael Singer

"Words can fool us, words can rule us, but they can also serve us. They can lead away from fear and deliver us into the sovereignty of the heart."
— Anne Sermons Gillis

"Our minds are traumatized through habitual, repetitive thinking."
— Anne Sermons Gillis

May Your Life Be ....

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

"We live on the edge of consciousness, dipping in only briefly for the truth."
— Anne Sermons Gillis

"The mind is our entertainment center. We entertain ourselves with make believe stories crafted from our thoughts."
— Anne Sermons Gillis

"People don't argue because they are right; they argue to feel alive."
— Anne Sermons Gillis

"We love to view and review life, but we're not adept at actually living it."
— Anne Sermons Gillis

Monday, June 6, 2016

Word Power

How long is never? Very long, because never, never comes. So I don't like to use that word frequently. 

No, however, is a respectable word. It has traction. It keeps me from over committing. It keeps bad stuff out.

“Neither” is one of those in between words. The word “neither” won't get you out of a jam, but it will make it clear what you mean. When someone says, "I don't eat many fried foods." and you quickly respond - "Neither do I," everyone knows exactly what’s up.

Words can be so helpful. They can take us far, but words aren’t the master, we are. We can take a perfectly good word, deliver it with sarcasm, and the word seems tainted. We can use a word to uplift or support. We can change the tone of our words and make even the most innocent word a bullet. 

What kind of master do you want be? Will you be a benevolent word master or a cruel word lord? 

Just a thought from your Joy Provider.