Thursday, December 8, 2011

What the Opposite of Making a Difference? A Be Cause

My cause is a be cause. I don’t want to be all that I can be. No army for me.  If I spent my life being all that I could be, would I have anytime left to enjoy my life – to live my life?

 We live in a productive society. Indolence is not a virtue, but many of our values, those get-ahead, make-somebody-of-yourself; make-a-difference values, are not conducive to life itself.  

I am not trying to make a difference because who I am is the difference.  In living and being open to the next encounter, a difference is made.  If I wasn’t there, things would be different. Difference is everywhere with or without me. Life itself is full enough and arranged so that I don’t have to get in there and clean up a mess. Life is not a mess. If there are any messes around, maybe I’ d be the mess. But even saying that I am a mess is another attempt by the mind to create a problem. The mind creates its value and meaning by fixing our messes. We love messes. It’s the mind that messes with life.  We act like our messes are tragedies, but our messes are our messes and we guard them closely. We intellectually and emotionally guard our stash of drama and mayhem. Our mess makes us special.

Drop the drama, drop the pain - realize we’re all the same.You’re not broken, you’re not wrong - life is perfect; sing it’s song. There is something right with us. Let’s get in there and look for that. Life is beautiful, let’s look for that beauty.  Pathology (Pathology is the study and diagnosis of disease and I using this word to describe our mental states) is not all it’s cracked up to be and it’s a lie. Lives are not pathological, they are mythological. We are a part of a grand story. We don’t need to be reduced to the “what’s wrong, fix it” game when we can tune into the presence of what’s right. And in the words of songwriter and singer, Tim Bays, “life had many speed bumps, its detours and its sorrows, but a thousand things went right today and will again tomorrow.”