Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy I Can See Clearly Day

Our minds direct our thoughts and our thoughts are born from unconscious decisions. We have an operating system that evaluates everything that comes into our field of awareness. We see the input as something good or something bad. We twirl this assessment around in our minds and try to avoid or embrace our mental content. When we begin to awaken to that which lies beyond our conditioning, life becomes more vibrant and easier. Today as you view the content of the world, move beyond those mental constructs of good and bad and just see life as it is – just is-ing. Life just is. Check out this amazing inspirational video that celebrates our holiday today.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Lighten Up Day

This is not a professional video, nor is it profound. it is silly and overdone, but who cares. In our quest to be perfect, liked and accepted we wait until we can get life perfect. We've been too serious. Life is always a little messy so let's be sure to take tiem to lighten up. Happy Lighten up Day.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Face Day

Be nice to your face today. I used to get up in the morning and look in the mirror on my way to the toilet. As I passed by I would wince. One day I woke up, “How crazy is this? I expect to look perfect in the morning when I get up.” From that day on, I never used a look in the mirror to put myself down.
The face holds all kinds of emotions. The term shamed-faced is not a metaphor, we actually hold the vibrations of shame and other emotions in our faces.  The face is the canvas for tears and the first thing people see when they look at us.

Try this exercise to help integrate and heal emotions in the face. First do a baseline check on your face. How does it feel or not feel? Now, sing the sound “E” while stroking your face and neck area with loving strokes. It feel so good and nurturing.
Next do the exercises in this video. The exercises are to keep wrinkles away, but they also wake the face up. After you do the exercises, notice how your face feels. It feels more alive doesn’t it? Wow this is fun.

Another little face hint. Scowl and look at yourself in the mirror. Now smile and look at yourself. Notice how much younger you look when you smile! There’s a vast difference.  Happy Face Day. Face it, it’s time to glow up.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy Just One Look Day

In 1997 I met a woman who rocked my world. Gangaji was an ordinary, born in the USA, high school cheer leader. Yet she was a master. At the feet of the master so to speak, my mind slowed and months of peace and bliss followed. I say at the feet of the master because I was invited to a small private satsang where I sat at her feet. As I sat beside her I could see all the efforting of the past, yet in this clear moment of grace, life sparkled in deep simplicity and peace. All I could do was laugh. It wasn’t that hyper type of laughter, but more the silent understanding of the truth that brought endless joy to life. I imagined my internal good fortune would stretch forever and as in the movies, there’s always a kink in the story. I knew it wouldn’t last, because I’ve had so many awakenings, but in the moment I could not imagine not being aware of the sweetness and presence of truth.  The levels of bliss did not last but I kept my eye and heart on presence as much as I could.   

In 2008 I travelled in India and on one jaunt went  Ramana’s ashram. It was a privilege to mediate in the caves where Ramana meditated. I felt at home in this small Indian village – no it was more than that. When I arrived the emotions were so strong I cried for a day. “I am home. I am home.” resounded in every fiber of my being and body. When it was time to leave, I armed myself with as many books as I could carry. 

During a later period, I was following Ramana’s instructions for Vichara. I devoted all my energy to the practice, but the more I worked at it, the farther the dangling carrot moved. I wondered if there was anyone else doing this work so I did a search on Vicahra. I found a Youtube and an amazing guy who had been through the same sequence as I. John Sherman encountered Gangaji, fell from grace, then explored Ramana’s teachings and Vichara as a path to enlightenment.  In his direct encounter with reality, John experienced the simplicity and ease of life. He teaches you to take a moment to look at yourself and feel what it feels like to be you. This easy action, when done with frequency, becomes the medicine to heal the mind from its need to warp reality into endless stories and fables.  This look is the miracle that dissolves the fear of life. 

John has a movement now in which one can pledge to take “Just One Look.” I’m asking you to spend today just stopping your mind and taking that dive into the direct experience of you. And then do it again. It only takes a millisecond. I can personally tell you this act begins the dissolution of the experience of separation. Just try it. Visit this link to get full instructions on the “Just One Look” experience.  And for today – just LOOK.  Happy Just One Look Day.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Dance Day

Did you know that dancing three times a week, is more effective than psychotherapy? Suppose that is not actually true? Could it benefit you to believe that dance can reeve up your energy and soothe your soul?   It might be true about the three times a week. Certainly dance heals. So dance more.  Maybe you don’t have a partner, but why wait? As long as you are there, there’s always a dance going on. I dance with my dog and sing the songs.

There was an amazing experiment done with older adults. They lived in an environment that played music from their youth,  TV programs from that era and decorated the surroundings to reflect that period.  The physical world was time warped to the past. The participants stayed a few weeks and  found when they took biological functioning tests, they had actually youthened. 

Try a little dance today, even if it is a foot tapping dance or just move the upper part of your body to the music. Check out the oldies music channels and sway to some of the music. I dance to exercise. It’s so much fun.

Happy Dance Day. I hope you enjoy this video – bringing the new to the old. Happy Dance Day and remember to make it an easy day.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Stillness Day

Happy Stillness Day. It’s here this stillness. Even when the mind goes on and on, the stillness is still here. Let’s use our holiday to experience the stillness. The more we take just a few seconds off from thinking, the more we can point our awareness towards the solid foundation of  life. That foundation is in the stillness. Point your feelingness there. Do it now. 

This video might help. The ocean imparts this sense of power as well deep stillness. Happy Stillness Day. Life is easier when we take time to be still.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy Peace Day

Happy National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day? This is not a joke. It is really a holiday. 

It’s been my quest to have a holiday every day, but I don’t think that National Chocolate Covered Raisin day does it for me. How about Happy Peace Day? Everyone seems to want peace, but considering the rage we see on the road and the bickering between counties, political parties and even couples, I suspect we only give lip service to the idea of peace. 

So how about just for today let’s give peace a chance. Oh that sounds catchy. Watch how you talk to others. A harsh tone of voice is considered violent communication. Sarcasm is toned down violent communication.  For one day, let’s take a look at the way we talk to others and use a respectful tone and attitude. 

Give that inner voice a rest – the one that tears us down. That qualifies as inner violence.  It’ violence against our spirit and sense of well-being. Why not be self-supportive and peaceful towards ourselves?
Did you know that March was named after the Roman God Mars? He was the god of war. I’m thinking we should rename the month. Who wants “war” month? I declare this month “Pachem.” That’s peace in Latin.

Even though John Lennon is dead, peace lives on. Today, let’s let it live in us as us. Happy Peace Day and peace Month.