Monday, October 29, 2012

Money Drama

News about the economy often serves as a trigger that moves us from EZosophy into Hardaholism. If we cannot be responsible listeners, if we are going to use the news as a freak out trigger, then let's not listen to or read the news. Even if we are addicted to negative excitement about money and the economy, we always have a new choice in the present. 

Abundance is an experience, not a dollar amount. We will not hear about the true nature of abundance on television, read it in the paper, or on the internet. Looking within, having the immediate and direct experience of abundance, and healing our personal issues about money, help us to remain centered in the source of real prosperity. Drama is a stress disease. Worry is a mild form of drama. Give it up. Our health is more important than the juicy thrill of upset. Think of Easy Money, not Hard Cash. In the midst of an abundant life, do not pay homage at the altar of lack.

I found that when I stopped suffering about money, I tended to attract more opportunities to receive or earn money. My family suffered endlessly about money or the purported lack of money. It was a mystical and magical event to free myself from the family financial patterns. The freedom I experience, every time I drop the money drama, is a miracle. 

Dropping the struggle and suffering around money in no way means not paying our bills or keeping our agreements around money. Dropping the drama is about letting go of the addictive emotional dialogues around money. If you are typically stressed about money, even though your bills are paid and you have money in the bank, then you may be a money addict. I was a money addict,; everything in my life was centered around money.But I’m recovering. Enjoying life in the present is the easiest way to let go of money drama, and being present and open to life brings forth treasures from the depths of well-being – gifts of the spirit. 

Check out my prosperity products to accelerate your healing process around money and lack. You may also want to participate in the 40 Days to Prosperity Program or the Pray it Forward Prosperity Program. Remember the promise, “I have come so that you might have life and that you might have it abundantly.”

Monday, October 1, 2012

Eat Right for Your Life

Alcohol slows your metabolism for three days after you drink. A 15 minute walk after a meal raises your metabolism for 2 hours. Many of the same people who say they don't have the time to eat healthy, seem to have the time to shop. They spend hours looking for the perfect scarf or accessory for an outfit. The time we spend taking care of our health, determines how we look and feel - that dress that took so long to shop for, will eventually be cast off, but our bodies, which our most important possession, are here to stay. Our health is more important than our appetites and shopping trips. When our bodies are not well-nourished, our outlooks are changed.

Recently I ate a combination of fruit and vitamins that didn't sit well in my stomach. I thew up. My thoughts during the hour before I threw up were bazaar. My body chemistry made my head swim. The moment I completed the physical purging, my mind and emotions cleared. SO if you feel defeated by life, have low energy and feel as if you are in a rut - take a look at your diet and exercise. Try one week of exercise and better eating and see what affect it has on your overall outlook on life. And have a great day.