Tuesday, January 31, 2012

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Exercise Flow

Go with your personal flow when it comes to exercise. I change up my exercises from time to time. My body just says: "This is not fun anymore. Do something else." So I find something more in line with my current flow. 

Walking is a steady for me, but the arms exercise, the stretching routine I've developed is about 8 months old. I know it will change in the future. In warmer weather I go more for bicycling. Keep it interesting. Music always helps me and I love the listening to the oldies channel to do my jumping. I sit on an exercise ball and jump up and down - flapping my arms around and belting out the words to old songs I haven't heard in years. I go for 5 minutes of jumping, but often go 10 or 15. Jumping gets the lymph system flowing. I love it. My dog jumps with me. She puts her feet on my legs and up and down we go. She likes to get in on my 60 daily pushups too. The message today is to go with your flow. There's no business like flow business.

Friday, January 20, 2012

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Sound Exercises

Recently I read an article in the Natural Triad by Sandy Seeber. The article is in the Oct. edition. You can get back editions. Seeber spoke of a sound practice/exercise that helps heal the body. It is based on Emilie Conrad’s work. Conrad uses sound to grow neurons in injured areas in the body. She has worked with success to alleviate or mitigate severe pain and made progress with people with spinal cord injuries.

Sound actually expands cells and does all kinds of things I’m not going to touch on, but I will recommend this great exercise. I do it first thing in the AM. There are two elements:  sound and breath. The exercise is actually a detox because whenever the exhale is longer than the inhale, we release toxins from the lungs. It is also meditative. If you have problems keeping your mind focused in meditation, try a breath/sound mantra.

Lie down and be aware of your body, the aches, tightness and any other sensations. Next move your right foot back and forth to the sound of “E.” make the sound deep in the body. DO it this three times in total and then repeat on the left side. The sound “E” relaxes the body. Next go up the body and do the sound “O” three times while holding these areas. Make the sound “O” deep in the body as well. Make it resound!

Bottoms of foot the middle with fingertips

Behind the knees – fingertips

Groin area fingertips face each other

Both collarbones with fingertips

Both sides of the neck

Both ears (Little finger and ring finger in front of ears and thumb and remaining fingers behind ears.)

Now relax for a few minutes and let the body do it’s work. Repeat the exercise two more times. Use this as a daily morning practice. I recommend it first thing in the morning before you get out of bed. Doesn’t this SOUND like fun?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Walking in the Rain

 I usually walk as a part of my morning ritual, but today it was pouring rain. The rain is like manna. Our water tables are low, we need this, but it doesn't do too much for my walk. I wanted to take my dog out so I put on rain boots and headed out. She didn't like it so we returned quickly, but I liked it. I had plenty of rain gear and it was an adventure. So I went out again in the pouring rain. What a delightful experience. I love seeing the water fill the ditches and the rushing away to the creek. I felt like a pirate sloshing around in the rain - "Shiver me timbers." I imagine pirate at sea fighting the storm.
How many times I forget to examine my assumptions - this time it was my assumption that I don't walk in the rain. I remembered times spent in other countries when I went out rain or shine. If I stayed in during the rain, I would miss seeing the country. I've been in several rain forests. I've been to countries during their monsoon season. I had forgotten that I do walk during the rain and that walking in the rain is fun.
It looks like Gene Kelly took the same walk. This is such an uplifting video.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Will You Marry Me?

Will you marry me? Not in the conventional sense. I mean will you think of me with love, respect me, and value me in mistakes or in my brightness. Will you think good thoughts about me and say wonderful things about me? Think about your answer. If your answer is yes that we can have a wonderful union.
I know it's not up to you to make me feel good,  so I'll just commit to love you, think good thoughts about you and to continue to think well of you even when you are snarky and make a mistake. I know we may only be cyber friends, so why would I speak of such emotional intimacy? How many times do we cater to a voice that cares what others think? These are the others we will never know. So if I am going to have thoughts about people I don't know, and what they may think of me or my ideas, I might as well think they love me and are on my side. See my point. I benefit in two ways. I get too feel how it feels to send out love and affection and in my imagination I can receive it as well. Happy people are not only nicer, they are healthier as well.

Eat well and prosper. Yum Yum. Rejoice, rejoice - there is no choice. Be too blessed to be stressed. I guess I've made my point. Love ya.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

No Goals

While many plan for the New Year, I am not on the goal standard. My cause is the BE cause. I am not a goal digger. Being here now is the greatest show on earth. I’m semi joking here. I have nothing against goals, it’s just in the paradigm of non duality, we stand in an area that doesn’t require getting things accomplished in order to be okay. The okayness appears first then the doing follows from that space. When our doing flows from a natural inner knowing, it flows easily and doesn’t require the traditional methods to bring forth accomplishment.